Thursday, December 15, 2005

The RSS Pundit Introduces the 'Feedosphere Weekly Pick of the Pack'

Launching a new weekly feature from The RSS Pundit, today heralds the introduction of my compilation of the most interesting syndication technology-related posts I've seen in the past seven days. You can play, too. You might even win an award.

From the 'Eating My Own Dog Food Department,' I'm a consumer of large quantities of syndicated content. There are some incredibly smart, innovative people and companies doing fascinating things out there in the syndication technology space. They think of things, they hear about things, they do things, and they write about things all relating to the ‘feedosphere’ (all types of feeds, not just blogs).

So, in my efforts to help you construct your own content management system for all things syndicated, I am delighted to introduce <drum roll here>…

The RSS Pundit’s “Feedosphere Weekly Pick of the Pack

Posts finding their way into the Feedosphere Weekly Pick of the Pack:

  • occurred in the previous seven days prior to the time of the weekly post

  • contain something about syndication technology

  • made me say ‘Wow!’ or ‘Cool!’ or ‘Ew.’

The list is prioritized in reverse-chronological order. In short: the newest post makes the top of current week's 'Pick of the Pack'). The list is not otherwise ranked by any other subjective quality or relevance metric of mine (beyond making it onto the list per the parameters above in the first place).

In recognition of your post making the Feedosphere Weekly Pick of the Pack, you’re also entitled to place this attractive recognition graphic on your website:

For anyone (like the 'Pack Pick' post's author--say that fast three times) asking the question “Why on earth did this post become a ‘Pack Pick?’, I’ll tell you why it made the list if you'll ask by commenting on the week's post.

Watch for the Feedosphere Weekly Pick of the Pack each Thursday, and please share any cool syndication technology-related posts you encounter (or author) each week with me by comment on this weekly post from The RSS Pundit...

With that, here it is: The inaugural…

Feedosphere Weekly Pick of the Pack for 15 December 2005

1. RSS Industry Night Roundtable: IRSS Solution Coming, 12/14/05
Blogsource:, Marketing Views and Experience with a Difference

2. 27,000 Readers, 12/13/05
Blogsource: A VC, Musings of a VC in NYC

3. About the, er, porn ad promoting MSNBC TV, 12/12/05
Blogsource: BlogWrite for CEOs, Debbie Weil on CEO Blogs, Writing a Thought Leadership Blog and the Corporate Blogging Phenomenon

4. RSS Feeds In Your Email, 12/12/05
Blogsource: RSS Insight

5. NYTimes and Blogging: A Different Take, 12/08/05
Blogsource:  Blogspotting, Where the Worlds of Business, Media and Blogs Collide

6. Irish Government Budget 2006 - using RSS, 12/07/05
Blogsource: Nooked, RSS Marketing Made Simple

7. Podcasting Emerges as an eBusiness Tool for Marketers-5 Reasons to Podcast, 12/07/05
Blogsource: PodBlaze Blog, Create, Manage & Host Your Own Podcasts

8. Waggener Edstrom: When PR Gets Savvy to the Blogosphere, 12/09/05
Blogsource: Blog Business Summit, Publish and Prosper

9. Resurrected From Google, 12/09/05
Blogsource: C:\PIRILLO.EXE, Ubj pbzr abobql rire hfrf EBG13 Nalzber?

10. SES Chicago: RSS Blogs and Search Marketing Panel, 12/07/05
Blogsource: Online Marketing Blog



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