Monday, December 12, 2005

They're On a Roll: Yet Another Yahoo! Social Media Announcement

The folks at Yahoo! are busy turning out syndication-based products/services at a frenzied pace.

Yesterday (Sunday, December 11th, that is--not a typical news day to be sure), Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo! announced a small-business targeted partnership with San Francisco-based Six Apart Ltd., creators of the Movable Type blog publishing platform.

Yahoo is on a tear here, given that just last Friday they announced the acquisition of the ever-popular web link sharing site At the time of this post, neither Yahoo's nor Six Apart's on-line press rooms contained news releases about the announcement, which makes me wonder about the announcement's timing. What rushed the announcement ahead of the press releases? (Something else to make us go "hmmm" about.)

The partnership has Yahoo providing the web hosting services (with a lot of other value-adds), and Six Apart supplying the business platform for "easily updated Web sites." It will be available today--December 12, 2005--in the PM (California time, I presume).

While the announcement follows a spate of product/service activity from Yahoo, and seems a win for the existing and the new Yahoo customer; the partnership (in my opinion) is a bigger win for Six Apart. Marketing Movable Type to Yahoo's installed base is incremental for Yahoo, but could deliver significant quantities of new Movable Type users to Six Apart. The news announcement quoted Anil Dash, vice president of professional products as saying, "This is going to be our recommended (sales) channel for small business."

For those in the small business demographic, this could be an easier way to establish syndication technology as a part of your web presence. Will this make you do the Yahoo!? Let me know.

I wonder what Yahoo! will announce next?


At December 12, 2005 9:38 PM, Anonymous Ryan said...

This comment is coming from someone who has a VERY limited exposure in your area of expertise and to this new technology, so we'll get that out of the way up front.

It appears that Yahoo! is taking some serious steps to get these types of services to the "masses" which, if successful, will go a long way in exposing corporate blogs to the novice internet user (myself included). In reading more and more about this issue I will be interesting to see the reponse from other companies such as Microsoft and Google.

Google to me is a very interesting company, and I'm always amazed at where they seem to be going. I wonder if they can continue branching out into so many areas and still continue to be successful. Just a thought from a total outsider in this area. If you want to talk International Politics, or legal issues on the level of a 2nd year law student then I'm a lot more comfortable.


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