Friday, December 16, 2005

'Houston, We Have a Problem'--TypePad is Down

According to ComputerWorld, the Six Apart people say TypePad "has been down since last night due to a problem with its primary storage system." The silence is deafening.

According to ComputerWorld, Six Apart's TypePad has been down since last night. The outage occurred during "routine maintenance." The article says Six Apart is rolling back to two days ago, and the TypePad application is off-line until the restore is complete.

At the time of this post, there are only 20 posts in the past 12 hours on Technorati about the outage.

If you've come to depend on any TypePad-based blogs for getting (or getting out) your information, the silence speaks volumes to the dependence we've developed on the blogosphere as a media outlet.

For those of you with TypePad-based blogs, it's got to start feeling like you're trapped watching Ron Howard's Apollo 13. Six Apart's executives must be feeling like Swigert, Haise and Lovell (after this picture, of course).

Let's hope for the same eventual happy ending to this story.


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