Thursday, December 22, 2005

'Feedosphere Weekly Pick of the Pack' for the Week Ending 21 December 2005

Time again for another week of the feedosphere's finest. And yes I CAN count to ten... Remember, winners each receive this attractive GIF for use in shameless web promotion of their feed prowess.

The Feedosphere Weekly Pick of the Pack for the week ending 21 December brings ten great things to think about from this past week's feedosphere.

Impacting me is the 'globalization' of the RSS icon by Firefox and now Microsoft; hence, the reason for two 'number twos' in the list. It's a sort of mash-up of the old Saturday Night Live "Point/Counterpoint" sketch with Dan Ackroyd and Jane Curtin played by Steve Rubel (MicroPersuasion) and Bill Flitter (Pheedo).

If you want to know more about this week's 'Pack Picks' use the comment feature and ask. What are your thoughts and findings this week? Please share in like manner--via comment.

So here are this week's picks:

1. Coming Soon: Center for Citizen Media, 12/21/05
Blogsource: Bayosphere, ... of, by and for the Bay Area

2a. Evolution of the RSS Icon, 12/21/05
Blogsource: Our Blog, Pheedo RSS + Weblog Marketing Solutions

2b. Future Proof Your Blog with the New RSS Icon, 12/20/05
Blogsource: MicroPersuasion, Steve Rubel explores how new technologies are transforming marketing, media and public relations

3. How (Blogging) Awards Work, 12/19/05
Blogsource: Anil Dash, Blortal 2.0

4. 5 Strategies to Combat Negative Comments, 12/17/05
Blogsource: Business Blog Consulting

5. Structured Blogging "Plays in Peoria", 12/17/05
Blogsource: As I May Think..., An infrequently updated collection of comments on random subjects

6. PodTech News: Clash of the Titans - Yahoo and Google, 12/16/05
Blogsource: The infoTalk Podcast, Download the fresh voices of Silicon Valley

7. What's up with Typepad / Six Apart?, 12/16/05
Blogsource: The Intuitive Life Business Blog

8. RSS and Real Estate, 12/16/05
Blogsource: DigitalThom, technology coach

9. Syndicate: the power of corporate blogging, 12/15/05
Blogsource: Sally Falkow's Website Content Strategy

10. What's RSS Anyway?, 12/15/05
Blogsource: Halley's Comment, by Halley Suitt


At December 23, 2005 6:23 AM, Blogger Toby said...

Thanks for the shout out Kip. Okay. I'll play - why did "Strategies to Combat Negative Comments" win this week?

At December 23, 2005 8:55 AM, Blogger Sally said...

Wow - what a nice surpriae. Thanks for the mention. I really enjoyed that session at Syndicate and I iwll be wrting a longer piece about it for the new Bacon's newsletter in January. Please let me know why you picked it.


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